About SiteSearchStats

Application Description

SiteSearchStats is a web application that tracks website statistics related to search engine visibility and social media presence. It uses PHP5 with SimpleXML and a combination of HTML5/CSS3 to beautifully display the trends your websites are seeing.

SiteSearchStats was written by Steven Flesch of iawix.com. Each copy of SiteSearchStats is licensed to one user, who may use it for an unlimited number of sites. If you are interested in a version for multiple users, please purchase an enterprise license.

Application Information

The current version of your SiteSearchStats installation is version 1.8. More information about SiteSearchStats can be found at iawix.com.


Design began with the HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap. Interface powered by jQuery (version ). Charting engine provided by flot (version ).

All open-source code is being used in it's unmodified form, per their individual licenses.

Project Links
HTML5 Boilerplate
Twitter Bootstrap

Thank You, From The Developer

Thank you for purchasing my application. It represents a great deal of work by me, and I hope you continue to enjoy its use. I look forward to your feedback as I continue to improve the application for my users!

Steven Flesch, iawix.com